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Friday, December 18, 2015

Krampus Is Here!

My Dad's German mama told me about Krampus when I was a child. She also made me sit on her lap and watch BoBo Brazil on the black and white TV. That gave me my lifelong interest in wrestling.....not the real kind, but the shakespeare on steroids type. Anyway, Krampus is the half demon, half goat creature created by the devil to beat children who were bad at Christmas. Seems on a few levels, it is turning into a Krampus Christmas. The market seems to be getting a Krampus Christmas reverse rally. Our weather remains horrid, and it is expected that we will actually have a white christmas here in the bootheel of New Mexico. My body just cant seem to get past this lung funk. I will see my doc on tuesday and see if he has any better, magic ideas about how to get my lung function back. Ran easy in the artic air on tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, each day just a plodding easy 8K. I end up wheezing myself to sleep every night. The damn pollen, which should have disappeared in the many single digit nights, still seems to be out there, according to my weather underground site. So, with a week to go before Christmas, I am starting to build that old holiday crankiness.....

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