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Sunday, December 13, 2015

This Weather Is Making Me A Weak Boy!

The weather this week made me a weak boy. Wind chills in the mid 30's, with sustained winds in the mid 30's as well. I tried to get a few good workouts in, but it was an absolute struggle. Next week does not look substantially better. Usually December is a good training month for me, but not turning out that way this year.....
On Tuesday I ran 10K with a 16 minute and 12 minute pair of cruise intervals with a 3 minute recovery in between. Pace was not spectacular in the wind, and the cold and pollen made me wheezy. Wednesday was an easy 8K. Thursday was also an 8K with a single tempo interval of 22 minutes. Saturday was horrid weather beyond belief. I covered 9K, with the last 2K fast at around 10K pace. Today was also shit weather, and I struggled thru 8K slowly. Looking forward to a gym day tomorrow, and then it looks like another cold week. Hopefully, the wind will cooperate a bit more next week!


TerribleTerry said...

hah, we're getting near 70 degrees here. Remind me that in February when you have 70's and we have 20's. :-(

Terrible Dad said...

Yah, today is a wind chill of 33 again. I just have to give up trying to train hard until this stops, even if that is freakin' march. Just too damn painful. But, glad you are getting good weather to ride in! love Pop