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Saturday, January 30, 2016

And The Wheels Come Off Again!

On Tuesday I went out for a last longish run in preparation for my super sunday race. My back hurt the whole time, and when I was done, I was really done. Been in back pain since and have been reduced to daily walks. So, the two february races are probably gone. Don't have an idea yet if this is a herniated disc again or some other ligament tear. Therefore, don't know how long I will be down. I got  in 5 good months from the 2 months I lost last summer. If you go back to turning age 60, I have probably been able to run around 60% of the time since then. That may be the way it ends, or it just may proceed to harder and shorter periods. Not much point in worrying about it anymore. I will run when I can, and walk when I can't!
Saw my buddy CBW on options actions yesterday. I had sold a number of stocks an hour before fridays close to take advantage of some quick profits I had made. Otherwise, still remain hedged and careful as hell. I have made a return of around 1/2 of one percent in January, vs the 5% loss that the S&P ran into. My bud CBW believes that starting tuesday, we will take another leg down to the neighborhood of 1780 on the S&P. So I will stay paranoid until we close near there.
Not too much else going on around here. Went to the annual home owners meeting last saturday and continued to make new enemies. Some day the bill will come for this lawsuit, and I can't wait to listen to them all whine and cry. Asswhipes!

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