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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Warmer, But Still Very Windy Week!

Two cats trying to aborb the last 2 feet of sun for the day......
Ran 5 times this week for a total of  46 kilometers. Not a lot of intensity, as all but one of those runs  was windy, and my back and knees were irritating me a bit. On Tuesday, I ran 12K easy for my longest run of the year thus far. Wednesday and Thursday were both 8K days that I ran fairly briskly versus trying any kind of intervals.  Saturday was the one windless day, but for whatever reason, I was just darned sore and tired, so I just ran easy. Today, while I was recording the 2nd half of the Broncos Patriots game (glad Payton got one more good post season playoff win for what I hope is his final season!), I ran 8K with 6K easy, and 2K at around 10K race pace,wind aided, to finish.
I will try to put in an intense week next week, weather and body permitting, and then taper into Superbowl Sunday. Chris and I are gonna run the super sunday race in Las Cruces on superbowl sunday. Chris is gonna do the 5 miler, and I will do the 5K. Sadly, both runs start and finish together on a hilly out and back course, so we will actually finish pretty close together.
Watching the Cards Panthers game rooting for  the Panthers. Ernie should get a superbowl win in his new adopted home, as I doubt he or I will live long enough to see one in Cleveland!


TerribleTerry said...

I think the days when people will pay around $400 for a day of entertainment are soon to be over. So I don't see professional sports (as they are now) around long enough to see the Clowns win a superbowl.

Terrible Dad said... are right...there was a story on cnbc that superbowl tickets are cheap this year at an average of 6 grand a ticket! down from 10 grand. today the best stock year to date is shit for rich assholes. screw the pop