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Thursday, February 18, 2016

28 Packages!

My 1st cousin Joan Doverspike has a model beautiful, athletic beast of a daughter named Meaghan Praznik. She does every kind of racing from triathlons, marathons and ultras, to those whacky spartan and adventure races. She also happens to work for Clif Bar in San Francisco as a PR executive. You can read about her in the attached article from the Clif Bar site.     
The other day, The UPS man rang the doorbell, and I was expecting a CD bye St. Lucia (great south african 80's style Synth pop band), and instead had three large boxes from Meaghan. Inside were 28 different boxes of items that Clif Bar makes. I did not know that half of them even existed. Many are foods/gels/chews that are used during long distance racing. Some are pre workout items, and some are recovery items.  Some are just plain dandy snacks. Deb and I tried to display them all on the counter before I cleaned out the hall pantry and  put them inside. When my boy is here in early March, I will have him and Chris and AD go thru some of  it  and see if there are things that they would like, especially for Terry's long  rides and Chris' long runs. Sure didn't expect the packages and all of the stuff that was  inside. Last February she just sent me my two favorite flavors of clif bars, the trail mix and the nuts and seeds, as I often eat them in the morning for breakfast. I put them on a plate, put a dab of butter and honey on top, and nuke them for 25 seconds. tasty and healthy!
Weather has been perfect, and I have done lots of short shirtless runs. My back remains uncooperative. We have lots of high 70's up to 80 over the next 10 days. What weird weather this go from psycho cold for 4 months to the month of february being much warmer than normal. The weather dudes say we will now have La Nina' starting in mid march, and a much warmer and drier spring and summer than usual. Crazy hard to figure.....

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