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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Ohio, Florida, And Texas!

Since we have had over two weeks of 70's, Mugsy has been out and about on his leash hunting for birds and lizards. He rarely catches anything, and would die in a week if left outside, but he still thinks he is a stud!
Ran three days of more intense workouts on Sunday, Tuesday, and Today. Hate to admit it, but I function so much better running every other day. Gonna have to really think about sticking to a max of 4 days a week. Back is about 80% better, and am really hoping to be close to 100% when I get a visit for six days from my boy in early march. He will be passing thru after spending a week cycling with the Fexi team in Tuscon.
Gonna watch the Repugnicunt debates shortly. Haven't missed them yet. Will die laughing if Trump wins Ohio, Texas, and Florida. My three favorite things about the debates are 
1) how we must follow the constitution to the letter, unless we don't agree with the constitution, then we can ignore it.
2) when we want to shrink the beast, we want to say that whatever the program is, it should be handled by the states,  because we really believe in states rights. When we don't agree with what a state is doing, there should be a federal law to stop them
3) Ronald Reagan was God. Never mind his record. He was infallible. Obama has never done a single thing right. He is a Muslim devil. There is absolutely nothing in the universe that can't be blamed on him.....

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