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Monday, February 29, 2016

A New Gym!

The hell with all those candy asses.....Mad Max Fury Road was by far the best movie of the last few years. When Max eats the two headed lizard in the first scene, it begins a series of emasculation that encompasses the first third of the film. There is little is classic acting with facial expressions and his eyes. Then it flowers into fool bloom.....a road movie into our probable distopian future. It is climate change taken to its ugliest ultimate end.....
Anyway, a new gym opened up in town, and  I moved there last saturday. It is owned by a guy who was a personal trainer for 3 years at the  gym I  have frequented for the last 9 years. He had a smaller gym for the past 6 years, but moved into a vacated furniture store on Pine street and opened this new facility a month ago. It is larger, cleaner, the equipment isn't torn to shit like at the previous place, and actually $22 bucks a month vs $33. I would have gone there anyway, because I hate the asshole that runs the former place, and he treats it like a hobby and stopped taking care of it. He thought he had it sold, but when the new place opened, his buyers backed out, and he is stuck. F@CK him! Now, I have worked out at the new place twice, and am attempting to move my 45 minute routine (my research tells me that is the most a man in his 60's should do with weights before his testosterone plummets) to some newer and different machines, and it has been both positive and negative. There are better variations for attacking body parts than the old place, but I irritated my back on a few of the machines. Since they have a rowing machine, I thought I would try a seated lower back machine with light weights, just to see if that test would tell me if I could use a rowing machine.....NAH! I realize that I have structural issues in my spine from the 4 back surgeries, and any spinal stabilization or lower back exercises are only safe for me with light weights, or most often, with my body weight. I would absolutely love to do squats, but they would be taking me to the ER. So, so far, so generally good. Running is still reasonably o.k., but I am staying with shorter runs and 4 days a week until I either feel 100%, or I just give in and settle for that......

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