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Friday, March 11, 2016

My Boy Comes To Visit!

My boy arrived in Tucson last week, and I headed in on Wednesday to get him. Met John Schaller and Terry at the pool, went out to a brew pub for burgers and beer, and then just chilled for the evening. Terry and I went out to the Saguaro National Park and did a 5 mile trail run on Thursday. Weather was low 90's and sunny, and the run was fun until we hit a mile stretch that was a sand wash. That sucked the life from me, but we turned around and made our way back. That evening we went out to a Mexican restaurant with the whole Fexy team to old town where I had the best Mole' sauce of my life.  Friday we headed home. Saturday and Sunday we ran again, and then on Monday I took him to the gym for a weight workout. We ran again on Tuesday and Wednesday, and then I got him to the airport Thursday afternoon. We had a nice dinner/movie night on Saturday with Chris and AD, and otherwise just enjoyed some Netflix and R&R. Now Terry had to do lots of work during this trip, and also did a lot of riding around town on my bike in the late evenings, as well as a short scary visit to Palomas Mexico where he had to run to the border from an armed mexican policeman.  Terry sleeps about 4 hours a night to my 9, so he had lots of time to do dangerous stuff. Anyway, love him dearly and always enjoy the chances I get to be with him.
Chris wants me to race a 5K at the middle school a week from Saturday. Doubt there will be 15 or more people there, so it won't really be a race.....just a good tempo workout. In early April, I am planning to run in the Dona' Ana senior games in Las Cruces. I will run a  10K, with a time marked for the 5K turnaround, so I will technically be getting credit for two race distances in one race. Not going to try to run that too hard either, just an excuse to run a strong workout and do some shopping in Las Cruces. Weather looks good for the next few weeks.....hope the winds don't start up too much....

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