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Saturday, March 19, 2016

5K Race For Autism!

Chris talked me into running a 5K race at the local middle school today. I usually don't run a race unless there  are age groups, but I agreed to join him. There were about 40 runners and 60 walkers. I planned to try and hold the exact pace that I hope to run at the Dona Ana' senior games 10K in Las Cruces in two weeks. It was cold and windy, but I felt pretty good and stayed almost exactly on the pace I wanted to get me in at 29 minutes flat. Chris and I then ran another 18 minutes together as a warm down right after I finished. Chris won the race in around 18 minutes flat, and I was the 5th male overall behind him and 3  high school runners. I did pass a border patrol agent going into the final quarter, just because I could. I think I may have been the oldest guy or gal in the race by about 25 years or so! Stopped at Peppers on the way home to get food for dinner and a bottle of bourbon. AD couldn't make it because she had strep throat and bronchitis. She has been sick for a month, and finally went to the doc where she got ibuprophen, expectorant, and a horses dose of antibiotics. Hope she feels better soon!
Been keeping my running to 4 days a week of late for a total average of around 36 kilometers/22 miles. Also hitting all the better machines at the new gym 3 times a week for a bit longer of a workout. Also adding more lower body work. Feeling stronger and eating a lot more, unfortunately, and pushing 180 lbs., which is a limit for my orthopaedics. So, unless I want those folding chairs to stick to my ass, gotta start to regulate my diet a bit better. Don't want to end up like this beauty......

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