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Friday, March 25, 2016

Gabe's Gym!

Had another excellent workout at Gabe's Gym today. Been holding steady at 4 days of running and three gym days a  week. This gym has so many more of the kinds of machines that allow me to work out different body parts with different angles. Enjoying myself much more than before. Also read an article about loss of stride length and running force accounting for the constant slowing of runners over age 50, especially over age 60! The recommended exercise is to do weighted calf raises, where you put the ball of your foot on the bar, allow 2/3rds  of your foot to hang off, and then take a three count to drop as far as your achilles and calf will allow, and then do a fast push back up as far as your calves will allow. The study in Britten found that this improved your stride and running force pretty significantly. Have been doing this exercise  with two 45lb plates  for about  two weeks, so it is kind  of early to expect much, but we shall see! That and weighted leg presses are the only lower body exercises I am doing at the gym. 
So, now if I can get that 6 pack abs look under my shirt with this device, I will be good to go!


TerribleTerry said...

Vote for Trump. He can make your stride great again.

Terrible Dad said...

I am hoping that the republicans open up the convention to carrying in guns.....what could possibly go wrong?