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Sunday, April 24, 2016

How Long Have You Had That Weak Back.......Oh, About A Week Back!

Well, I ran 4 times this week for 33 kilometers. Not very good, and besides my irritated spine, it was hot and windy. Didn't even attempt a gym day. Deb has a dox appointment tomorrow, so I may try and hit the gym on Wednesday after missing three weeks. Will start out very easily if I do! Got a ten hour drive to Laughlin two weeks from today that my back will surely not enjoy!
Billy and Kwonnie gal got me a Garmin forerunner 235 for a Christmas gift. The device does more cool shit than any device I have ever used, but from the beginning, the battery barely reached 4 hours of use before needing a charge. A few weeks ago, it just finally stopped taking a charge. So it was returned to Garmin last week, and I got an email yesterday that it's replacement is due here sometime this week. I sure hope the battery issues are resolved, because there are lots of things like step counts, sleep monitoring, all day heart rate monitoring, text alerts, weather forecasts, etc, that I don't get to use due the the battery will just be that much more fun if that is fixed!

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