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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Summer Pre-Medicare Training Program!

Now that we have hit the 90's, my running routine has moved to summer training where I go out around 7 P.M. on my running days. On friday, near sundown, I was making my final turn on the bike path near the soccer fields to head the last mile and a half home, and I had to jump over a desert scorpion carrying its litter on its back. I have seen this before in photos like the one above, but never before in person. Damn freaky to see. I had to stop for about thirty seconds to watch her walk by, just because it was such an unusual sight!
Got in 4 reasonably good runs this week as my back misery has started to slowly abate.On tuesday I ran 11K easy. On thursday I ran three 8 minute intervals with 2 minute recoveries, and a total of 9K. Friday I ran an easy 8K, and today I ran 8K with 4X4 minute intervals with 2 minute recoveries. A total of 36 kilometers. I supplemented that with three days of weights and 30 minutes a session of sprint intervals on the recumbent bicycle.
My running plan for the summer, and maybe for the foreseeable future,  is going to be limited to 4 days a week of running and three days at the gym with weights and thirty minute recumbent bike sprints. An optimal run week will look like this.....12K long run with the last 2K at around half marathon pace, 8K with 20-30 minutes of tempo or cruise intervals, 8K with 16-18  minutes of shorter intervals like 8X2 minutes, 4X4 minutes, 6X3 minutes, etc., and a 6K easy run when I do two days of running in a row. That will limit me to around 4 hours of total running a week, with an hour and a half of sprinting on the recumbent during the gym days. I just  can't do run sprints anymore with my lack of spinal stability without a lot of unnecessary risk. I have only one possible race over the next 4 months, and that is a 5K evening race for the 4th of July. I ran this race two years ago, and suffered a bit of an asthma attack from all the grills lining the course waiting for the neon parade. The only other races around are those fun runs where they throw chalk on you (another great idea for an asthmatic), or chase you with zombies. So I hope this limited running schedule will keep me upright until my November Medicare birthday....

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