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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Freakin' Perplexing!

It only took six months, but Deb finally learned to use the wireless 21X zoom samsung camera I got her for Christmas. She took this zoom shot of Joe's pet roadrunner that lives on his back porch on his rock shelf, and comes out and eats snakes, lizards, small birds, and eggs of all types. You can also set out raw hamburger for them if you like! Anyway, when she gets to Ohio next month, make her take a crap load of pictures!!
My exercise week hit another snag in the middle of the week. On monday, I hit the gym, doing weights and thirty minutes of sprints on the recumbent. Tuesday I did 12K easy. Wednesday, I felt like something different, so I warmed up for a kilometer on the treadmill and then  just slowly climbed for two more kilometers until I reached 3K total. Thursday I went out and did 8K with 8 by 2 minute intervals all faster than 5K race pace. I noticed that the last two were pretty sloppy, as I fatigued a good bit and my form detiorated. The next day, due to Deb needing the car, I planned an easy run. When I woke up and got out of bed, I had bad Parasthesis (pins and needles and bugs crawling sensation) in my calf, and some muscle weakness in my hamstring. F@CK! So I did an easy 7K that evening. Saturday I did just weights at the gym. Today I was actually able to run in my first sub 90 degree day in about 6 weeks, as it was overcast, drizzly, and 77 degrees. I ran 8K with 4 by 5 minutes of tempo intervals with 2 minute recoveries at a good clip, but not at the usual pace. I was testing my back, and a pair of shoes that I wanted to try a different pair of insoles in. Went O.K., but the parasthesis remains. It is the old L5-S1 level, and probably one of three possible issues.....the disc is either degenerated more or finally gone, there is bone growth filling in space and causing stenosis at that disc level, or a facet capsule is damaged and pressing on nerves. In any event, still 5 or more months from getting an MRI and seeing if there is anything I can or will do to try and resolve it. May be at that point where I just run short and easy on my 4 run days a week, stop racing or training, and just try to keep running as long as my body allows!

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