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Saturday, June 18, 2016

My Possessions Are Causing Me Suspicion, But There's No Proof!

Crowded House....always loved that verse. It seems that my electronics have been screwing with me this week. First, my Direct TV remote stopped working properly. Before Direct TV would send me a new one, they make me do a bunch of jerk off things to test the DVR and the remote. They finally relented, and sent me a new Genie remote, which the assholes should have sent me when I got the Genie DVR two years ago! It took me an hour to figure out how to program the remote to run the Genie and to operate the TV. Then my replacement Garmin watch that worked so well for a month, started discharging the battery overnight while it was off. So that is on its way to Olanthe Kansas for my third try at this. The tech dude that helped me told me I was cursed and that he did runs all week and tons of other stuff without needing to charge the battery. I told him to give me his! Then, my Ipad started discharging its battery overnight as well. Luckily I figured this one out by myself. I had loaded a weather app that runs constantly even when the Ipad is closed/off. Once I removed it, problem solved....
Since I adopted my new running schedule for the summer, I am trying to hit the recommended percentages Jack Daniels suggests for time at intensity based on weekly mileage. So, for 35K/22 miles, I should be aiming to do 12% of my running at tempo.... 4.2K/2.6mi/25 minutes of tempo, and 8%  hard speedwork.......2.8K/1.74mi/16 minutes of Vo2 max intervals, and the rest easy. So this week is looking like last week. On monday and wednesday I did weights and 30 minutes of recumbent sprints. Tuesday I ran 12K easy. A bit sore that evening and the next day. Thursday I did a descending ladder of 5-4-3-2-1-1 of intervals (16 minutes!) with two minute recoveries. Each interval was faster than the one before, starting at around 8K pace and ending at 3K pace. Total run was 8K. Friday I did a longer weight routine and skipped the recumbent. Today I went out to run at 7:30 (still 101 degrees!) and did 8K with four by 6 minutes of cruise intervals with two minute recoveries (24 minutes!). Dropped down to a cool 98 degrees at the finish! Needless to say, the six minute intervals were a bit slow! Tomorrow I will finish the week with a 7K run to reach 35K. Will also be a late run, as tomorrow is supposed to be a repeat of today's 104. My back is substantially better, and seems to only really dislike the weekly long run, so I will try to hold this until mid september and then see if I want to  try and start to work harder to prepare for any races!
P.S......This is blog post 600!

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