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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Some Things Work, Some Of The Time!

My experiment of one hit some snags this week. On Monday, I did my weight workout followed up by thirty minutes of recumbent bike sprints. Got to 8.87 miles of ass busting. Tuesday I did my long run of 12K in my favorite cushioned shoes the NB Boracay. No major pains afterwards or the next day. On Wednesday, I did a repeat of Monday. On Thursday, I planned to do 8K with some cruise intervals. Right from the gate, I noticed my pace was slow and my legs felt dead. I completed two 11 minute intervals with a  three minute recovery, but the intervals were a drag. So Friday I just did weights and skipped the bike intervals. Saturday I did 9K with a 20 minute tempo interval which was also slow. Today I did 7K and attempted to do 6 good two minute intervals with two minute recoveries to try and refire those fast twitch fibers. Barely able to hold 10K pace. So that was a 36K week like I wanted, but my body is struggling with after effects of the bike intervals.....dead legs. On the other hand, my heart rate while running is lower, so the sprints on the bike are having a positive effect on my heart function, and at least a short term negative effect on my leg speed. So, I will keep with it for a month or so and see if the dead legs stop, and some speed returns (I know, saying speed and me  in the same sentence is a bit of an oxymoron.....)

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