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Sunday, July 17, 2016

P.T.Barnum Comes To Cleveland!

Did some texting with my best bud Ernie today from 12th street in Cleveland. I told him he was my "man on the ground" for the next 4 days. Also watched some coverage on  MSNBC. 123 protest groups have received permits to march, and police have told them no umbrellas, knives, back packs, and large bags allowed. Of course since Ohio is an open carry state, pistols, rifles, and assault weapons are welcome!
Trump today, in tweeting  a response to Obama's speech about  the Baton Rouge shooting, said that Obama doesn't recognize that "America is a divided crime scene that will only get worse". What I find most likable  about  Trump is that he doesn't just complain, he comes out WITH CONCRETE SOLUTIONS"! MAHHAH......
Been struggling mightily to run this week. Back is 50% better, but between the 100 plus degree heat and this ketogenic diet, running is a giant struggle. I was only able to run 4 easy 8K runs this week. I have lost 7 lbs in 10 days. Diet works fine for not feeling hungry, but those lack of carbs seems to make me cranky and struggle with energy. Plan to stay on this diet for 28 days while my bride is in Ohio, but not sure this is the best running diet.....

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