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Monday, July 25, 2016

Ketogenic Meltdown!

Well I gave it three weeks, and I lost 8 pounds, but I have never hated to run as much as I did during this period. I was always a better shorter distance runner than those longer races, probably due to the fact that I don't naturally run well when my glycogen is gone and I start to fuel with fat. So today I started the day with a nice bucket of yogurt with lots of carbs! Will do a good carb diet for the next two days and see how tuesdays run goes. My runs last week were 3 8K's and one 5K. Back is still problematic, but stable. Gotta get to Nov 1st before I can head in for an MRI.
What a horrible election we have going. When you think about the fact that we have spent 2 years and billions of dollars and have these two horribly flawed candidates to choose from. A dishonest corporate hawk vs a sociopath. I know that at my station in life, whoever wins will have little effect on my and my brides life, and the two candidates I would have preferred, Biden and Kasich, would have made for a better race. I also feel that a 4 party system would be a better fit for America.....Progressive, Corporate Democrat, Corporate Republican, and Nationalist (for the Tea Party, Old White People, Racists, and Homophobes). I always pick a candidate based on what they will do during international strife, so I wouldn't want to see an America with Trump having access to our Nuclear arsenal..

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