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Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Season Is Close!

The season is upon us and the Browns are in first place.....for now. Expecting a better team than last year, but the defense remains horrible.....bad run defense and tiny corners and safeties that don't seem to know how to arm tackle, and make small receptions into big plays. We will have to win by outscoring with our three extremely large and talented wide receivers.
Damn sore today from running an easy 12K in just shy of an hour and a half yesterday. Don't have an explanation as to why this run made me so much more sore than some of the other long maybe. On Tuesday I ran 9K with two 12 minute tempo intervals separated by a 2 minute recovery. On Thursday, I again ran 9K including 6 by 3 minute intervals separated by 1 1/2 minute recoveries. Pace and heart rate increased on each interval. So, today I plan to  just run an easy 7K or so to finish the week. Again, orthopaedically I feel like I am pressing the envelope here, and just can't do much more without too much risk. May take a bit of a recovery week next week, and then work my way back up to where I currently am. Have a few 5K's I may run in the fall, and there is a hilly 10K I ran two years ago January in Las Cruces that I may try and do again next year. Will have to see how things transpire.....