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Monday, August 22, 2016

Kinesio Boy Takes Bronze!

Really pleased that Galen Rupp, aka kinesio tape boy, won the bronze in the marathon, after coming up just short in the 10K. He has now run two marathons in the 2:11 and 2:10 range in very hot and humid weather. I can see him breaking 2:10 in a good fall marathon one of these days....
Had a very good week of running this week. Ran 11K easy on Tuesday. Thursday I ran 8K with 5 by 4 minute intervals with 2 minute recoveries. Felt good and the pace was strong. Going to keep my intervals at no shorter than 3 minutes, as this seems to work best for the spine. Saturday I went out in the mid afternoon heat and ran a rough 8K with two tempo intervals of 13 and 12 minutes with a three minute recovery interval. Pace was horrible in the heat. On sunday, I beat the storms and had a cool evening run of 12K. So 39K for the week which is a kilometer short of perfect for what I am trying to accomplish. My back is also improved I think due to just a crazy amount of core work on machines at the gym. Back is still arthritic and sore on and off, but the neurological crap seems to be behind me for the moment.....hope it lasts a while. Looking at two fall races if things hold up. Just never know....I can be dandy one week, and fucked the next!

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