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Sunday, August 14, 2016

And We Progress... Brownies looked pretty bad in their first pre-season game. Neither line was effective. Our QB's are all going to  get injured if the blocking schemes don't get solved quickly. Our 3rd round pick, Kody Kessler from USC looked about the best, but of course, he was going against a third team defense. Can you say 3-13 again?
Had a bit better running again this week. On Tuesday I ran an easy 11K. Thursday started out easy, but got caught in hard cold rain and hail. Chris got me at around 8.5K, and he jogged and I had to push to tempo pace to keep up. We finished 11K. Saturday I did 8K again in a cold rain with 5 by 3 minute intervals with 1.5 minute recoveries. I will keep trying to do 15-16 minutes of speed work again, but won't do intervals  faster than three minutes. When i go to two minutes or below, the orthopaedic damage to my spine is just too great. Today I will go out in the evening and do another shorter easy run to finish the week. Again, 4 runs a week  with twenty minutes of tempo and fifteen minutes of intervals should be enough if I get foolish enough to try and run a 5K somewhere in the fall...

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