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Sunday, September 11, 2016

More Running Than Expected!

This was the original Elfie from 1946.....the Miami Seahawks were a one year AFL team that went under, and became the genesis for the Baltimore Colts. They lost to the Browns 44-0 in the Browns season opener, and again 34-0  late in the season. Two years later, the Elfie that we know became the mascot.  Now it is a real mastif dog. Anyway, Browns opened horribly and RG3 got hurt, so busines as usual. 
Due to scheduling issues, I ran more days than expected, and only got in two days at the gym. On Monday I ran 8K including 4-3-2-1 minute intervals hard with 2 minute recoveries. Tuesday was a hard gym day.....was sore all evening which is unusual. Wednesday I ran 9K with 4X4 minute intervals with two minute recoveries pretty hard. Thursday was 7K easy. Friday was an easier gym day. Saturday was a ten minute 20/40 second interval workout with a 2 minute recovery, followed up by two 4 minute intervals with a two minute recovery. That workout made me feel beat like I now do after a race. Today I did an easy 7k for a weekly total of 40K.....Got a possible race for Monday Oct 10th if the body holds to see how much more I have slowed!

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