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Monday, November 7, 2016

200 Lbs. For Four Reps!

My favorite machine at the up 200 lbs for 4 reps today. also went heavy on everything else I did, including doing 30 reps on the roman chair back extension exercise holding a ten pound plate. Slow and steady.....
Ran 9K on Tuesday including a twenty minute tempo interval at 10K race pace. Thursday I did 8K including 5 three minute intervals with only one minute recoveries, with each interval faster than the previous, with the last two at 5K race pace. Saturday ran 12K easy, and Sunday an 8K recovery run for a 37 kilometer week.
Had my first doc appointment under doc called in sick, and I got his partner that I am not initially impressed with. Also the support staff has lost two faxes sent on Thursday and Friday, so I am still without two prescriptions. Did get my "poop in a box" kit delivered by UPS today, so will eat big today and give them a nice sample tomorrow to test for cancer and pre cancer.. Otherwise, just keepin' on keepin' on.....

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