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Monday, October 31, 2016

Medicare For The Old Codger!

Ever the optimist!
In just nine hours, I am finally on Medicare. Couldn't be happier! Lots of things to get checked out...spine first, colon, skin cancer, etc. See my regular doc on Wednesday, and my skin doc on my birthday. Besides scripts, will request an order for an MRI. Don't know for sure that I will necessarily do anything about it if there are identifiable problems, unless there are arthroscopic fusions at this time! Running reasonably well, so long as I keep it limited in mileage and focus on at least two days a week of intensity, and weights are going just dandy. Got 190 up 5 times on the bench today. So, just keep on keeping on!

1 comment:

Helen Konnor said...

Get well, "medicare" this program helps? I need to check up too, but I don't know from what to start on!