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Thursday, October 27, 2016

A Week Of "E" And Me!

Had one of my two best buds (yah, you be the other one BB) here for a week. This was our last and best dinner before he headed back to Charlotte. We were at Forghedaboudit Pizza in Deming sucking Santa Fe brown draft ales, eating  pasta and wings, and watching the injuns win game one of the series. Enjoyed his company running, at the  gym, and just hanging out.....
Had a most excellent run this evening. Ran 9K with intervals of 1-2-3-4-3-2-1 minutes with a one minute recovery after the first, and two minute recovery intervals for  the rest. The paces averaged 5:25 per kilometer which was my 5K race pace the last time I ran one. Left the house at 5:45 and the weather was perfect. We are finally due to be in the mid 70's by mid week, so hopefully we will get the usual spectacular weather in November that we usually get in October. Still worried that the world weather is changing so fast, that we may just go from spring to summer and back again without getting any fall or winter! Deb should get out of the hospital tomorrow, and I hope her kidney infection and other issues are solved for a while. Do want to get her to Padre Island in the spring. My neighbor Joe finished painting his house today and as always, he does a perfectionist type job. Once we get our final settlement monies from Deb's accident, need to get a minor bumper repair done on the car and get on the roof and do another solar coat. 5 Years somehow blew by damn fast......

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