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Saturday, October 8, 2016

GOP.....Grab Our Pussies!

What can I say......a bunch of GOP politicians and surrogates don't even have the courage to stop supporting a man who promotes using power and celebrity to sexually assault women. As Bill Maher said yesterday, at least Bill Cosby was descent enough to drug them first! Maybe he actually could shoot someone in downtown New York City and the troglodytes  would STILL vote for him!
Ran well on Tuesday......10K with a 20 minute tempo interval a few seconds a kilometer shy of 10K race pace. Thursday I dragged like a dog thru 8K. First tried a ten minute interval of alternating a minute fast with a minute recovery. Sucked. Was planning to do harder intervals, but then just did eleven minutes of two fast one easy, and just dragged thru it. Neither a good or pleasant effort. Today it was cool and overcast, and I felt better. Did 5 bye 3 minute intervals descending from 10K to 5K pace with two minute recovery intervals. Totaled 9K. Tomorrow I plan just an easy recovery day. Not gonna be a great week, but functional. My boy "E" will be here late next week and I can see if he wants to race the following weekend or not.....

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