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Sunday, October 2, 2016

You Are A Fat Ugly Pig......I Said That To Help You!

The small handed (penis!), Yuge ego'd sociopath, is just out there trying to improve those women that he is associated with! He's just trying to coach them up! And of course, he himself is just a beauty to behold!
Had an o.k. week running. Ran 9K on Tuesday with three 7 minute cruise intervals with two minute recoveries. Thursday was a longer run based solely on heart rate....keeping it below 130. Had the garmin set on heart rate and wasn't paying attention to distance and ended up covering 12K. The buzz on the right side was bad on Friday and Saturday. Saturday I did 8K with an 8 and 7 minute cruise interval with a two minute recovery. Tonight I just did 8K easy for a total of 37K for the week. Weights on the other three days as usual. Didn't get in any short intervals as my back was irritated all week. The race I planned for next week has been cancelled, so now I am looking for a possible 10K race during Ernie's coming visit..

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