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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Locked In!

I think I am pretty much locked into a routine now....One that I hope will serve me over the next few years or so.....Running just 4 days a week, trying for some intensity on three, with one easy and short as a recovery. The other three days in the gym with a whole body routine including more leg work. I will still be able to run the occasional races from half an hour to an hour, but that would be it, and the hour ones will be pretty taxing. So that, as they say, is that.....
On Tuesday I did 10K with a 20 minute tempo interval. Thursday 9K with 14 minutes of two minutes on, one off, then a 3 minute recovery, then two 4 minute intervals hard with a 2 minute recovery. whooped after that one. Saturday was dragged, so chose to have it as an easy 8K run. Today I also did 8K with 4 by 2 minutes at mile race pace. So a good 35 kilometer week with about 50 total minutes of intensity. Will take a week like this  now anytime! Other three days were approximately 45 minutes of weight  work, with 4 additional lower body exercises. If shit holds together, will try racing two weeks from monday...

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