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Saturday, January 14, 2017

A-Fib Monologues Deux!

Saw this yesterday evening on seinfeld rerun.....always loved it, but didn't quite understand it. From a real court case in Australia, and an early movie from Meryl Streep!
Saw the electrophysiologist cardiologist in El Paso on Thursday, and we will move ahead with the ablation procedure. The February schedule is not set up as yet, so they will call early next week to schedule me. These 2 guys just do a damn shitload of these and cardiac device implants. So, I will get in when I can. Not looking forward to the procedure itself or the first few days afterward, but will find out if I am on the right side of a fifty fifty coin flip. Would do it twice if needed, and if that didn't work, would be stuck just living with it. Sure miss running and weights as I am reduced to an hour walk each day.....but, such is life......gotta just do my best to accept the results and learn to roll with the punches........

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