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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The A-fib Monologues!

So on Tuesday January 3rd, I kicked off 2017 with an electro cardiac diversion. Fun stuff. They make you stupid, as apposed to knocking you out, and then stop your heart, hold a second, and then fire it back up. Felt the shut down, and the start up was like a mule kick. Deb brought me home, and about four hours from being shocked, I slowly started to rebuild the A-fib....a few short bursts, and within about three hours, right back to where I started.  Didn't sleep well last night as the two pad sites where they shocked me are burned and itch like crazy. You can see a nice outline of the two pads on my chest! Maybe they will try leaches next! What the hell. So today, I called to try and get the damn ablation scheduled. Instead, I have to go back to El Paso on Thursday the 12th to go over the diversion report, whatever the hell that means, and again discuss trying to get to the ablation. Feel trapped in a loop between two cardiologists and the wonders of medicare treatment protocols. Drives me freakin' nuts. As Terrible says, they have to create as many payment points as possible to get as much money out of medicare and humana as possible. Probably right. So I guess I will just keep walking every day and continue to take toxic medicine and try to keep myself from turning psycho when I see the ablation doc next. 
One of the crazy things about this experience, is that after reading the haywire heart, I blamed myself for those 800 or so races and 75,000 plus miles for being a primary factor in bringing this stupid crap on. While I was getting shocked like a monkey, Deb happened to post on facebook that I was in getting the procedure, and within an hour, every damn cousin from Di Mannen, Jack Mannen, and Mary Mannen Doverspike posted that they have freakin' A-fib, or still have A-fib. They run the gamut from almost all who have had electro cardiac diversion or chemical diversion, and ablation. My younger cousin Dennis had both diversions, chose not to have ablation due to problems his sister Joan had from her femoral insertion site in 2005, and has been in permanent A-fib for over 20 years. And of course, my Grandpa Mannen had multiple strokes in his early 50's and died before turning 55, probably due to this family rhythm problem and the strokes it can produce. Awesome! So, no more kicking myself in the ass for my lifetime exercise history, as I was probably doomed to have this at some damn point, and I actually held out much longer than many of my just can't run and hide from your genetics.....

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