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Monday, March 13, 2017 Postings!

When I thought how my running career would probably end, I expected it to be an orthopaedic problem, not an issue with my heart! Surprise! When I was getting spine and knee surgeries, I visited those sites that had blogs about procedures I was considering to get some real patient experiences. What I found, is that people who had success, the great majority, soon disappeared from those sites. Those that remained were the ones without success. Lately I have been reading and posting on, and in similar fashion, those that I am communicating with are those with more complex Afib issues that they have not been able to be easily corrected.
It was exactly 4 weeks today from my Afib ablation. That is a third of the way thru my blanking period. I have gotten absolutely no resolution from the procedure, nor from two different medications that I have tried. There is a third medicine that I will try from my formulary when I see the EP doc on the 31st, while I am getting the small device embedded in my chest to follow my pulse for the next three years. There are folks that have tried 5 medicines, 5 or 6 ablations, 10 diversions both chemical and electrical, and lots of folks who finally relented, had their AV node ablated and a pacemaker installed. I am considering one more ablation if I get improvement from this current one, but if not, want to move to the much more invasive mini maze surgery from a thoracic surgeon. I will not make ablation a freakin' hobby. Don't have that many years left. So, the beat goes on....just irregularly!

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TerribleTerry said...

well, you're certainly confronting this at the best possible time. Our entire congress is putting their considerable experience into fixing health care.... Nothin' to worry about!