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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Turtle Boy!

I ran 5 slow runs this week for a total of 21 miles. My runs are about a minute and a half slower per mile than before the crash. Don't know how much is the knee and how much is just lack of fitness. Will have lots of time to tell. Will try to run about 20 miles again next week, and then we should be ready to start phase 2!
Trying to do everything I can to stretch and strengthen the knee. Also been looking online for any assistance I can find to deal with the problem. May also try to add the ultrasound a few times tomorrow.
Weather is supposed to get colder again mid week, but no rain is in the forecast. Within a few weeks, we should start our 6 week psycho windy season, which made running hard when I was fit!! Good times ahead.....

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