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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Zip Zip Dang!

Had a wonderful, albeit short, visit with Mary and her Cousins Mike and Judy. Due to Mary not being able to get out of that horrid eastern weather sooner, she didn't get into Tuscon until Friday afternoon. They arrived here on Sunday afternoon. We picked them up at the Little Vineyard campground (I didn't see any grapes!), and brought them to the house for some commiserating and some Zinfandel beef stew I had crock potted. On Monday Mary did her Curves, while mike and I did an hour of aerobic stuff and an hour of weights. Then we went to our respective abodes, showered and headed to rockhound park. We went to the rock shop owned by the 2 guys that own the baker geode mine, and got instructions for visiting there next year when mike wants to come here for a longer stay. I bought him the geode kids dvd (not really a kid in his late 60's) about his life history of studying and digging geodes so that mike can learn everything and teach me next year. We then did the 1 mile rock hounding loop and took turns taking side loops finding nice rock specimens. I found this beautiful rock that had blue crystal on one end, and a small amount of orange crystal on the other. Mike says it is blue and orange opal. I'm RICH! I called Deb from rockhound on the way home to tell her I had this opal for her and that I was going to get a gold chain and hang it around her neck. Boy was she surprised when she saw that it was about a 15 pound rock!! We then spent a nice hour at the Luna Rosa Winery sucking wine and eating cheese, sausage, strawberries, and crackers. From there we went to the Adobe Deli restaurant and had a nice dinner. This morning I returned Mary to Mike and Judy at the campsite, and watched them head out back to Tuscon. They stay there tonight, stop in Quartzite tomorrow to pick up some stuff for mike, and then camp in Blythe with June and Rodger Post. Then on Thursday it is back to California where Mary will get a week bye the ocean!! lucky Girl!!
Was back at the gym this morning and hit my first 5 mile run of the year. Slow and steady is the tortoise....I want to be back outside motoring along like this little roadrunner!!

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