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Thursday, March 18, 2010

1st Shirtless Day Of The Year!!

Had my first shirtless run of 2010 yesterday. Did a very slow 6 mile slog. Today I went to the gym for the usual Run/Exercycle/Weights, got a few groceries, and then played shirtless outside. Washed the car, worked on preparing the melon and vegetable garden for next month, and trimmed a few plants. Everything is doing well except the 2 smoke bushes. I think they start late, but we will see. This small cactus was plucked by Terry up at the top of the little florida mountains last fall, and we then shoved it in the yard. It has gotten about 30% bigger than when we planted it, but it is the first cactus blooming in the yard this year. The ten day forecast looks pretty good except for next wednesday where we may get some showers and cooler weather. My neighbor joe and I are gonna go into las cruces where I have to pick up some exterior paint that is supposed to match my stucco (I broke a piece off for them to try and match) and some exterior caulk for a few cracks. We will then go to the "Rib Cage" to try some pulled pork, ribs, and brisket, and bring some home to the wives!!

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