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Saturday, March 20, 2010

25 More For The Flying Turtle!

Another 25 mile, 5 day run week put in the books. This one with 2 runs outside of 6 and 5 miles. Still struggling with the orthopaedic functioning and the silly slow pace. But, I will take whatever running I can do for now. I think this mileage will have to do for a few months though. I don't see me pushing it any farther until the muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joints all start working in some semblance of proper order. Weather looks good for next week and I hope to do 2 more of the 5 runs outdoors. Plan to run monday, tuesday, thursday, friday, and saturday. Neighbor Joe and I have some errands on wednesday to run in las cruces, and the forecast is for a cool rain.
Yard is looking good and everything is growing. 2 melon patches and the oval garden are ready for planting in April. Have a Mexican elder tree coming from my friend Scott the Landscaper next week. Want to plant it so that in a few years it provides some shade for the master bedroom window.
Gonna watch Capitalism A Love Story tonight, so that ought to get me good and pissed off.....

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