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Friday, March 26, 2010

Deming Wind Classification!

Today was a crazy windy day. It should remain until sunset. I had planned to run outside, but when I saw the forecast, I headed to the Gym for the usual. Wind here is classified in 4 degrees: 1) Breezy....that is under 25 mph. 2) Windy....that is 25-40 mph. 3)High winds like today....40 to 55 mph, and 4)Severe winds....that is 55 mph plus. We get a good 3 or 4 days a year like number 4. That often shuts down highways like route 10 to Tuscon, and secondary routes like the main road to Silver City. Usually, we are windy for about 5 weeks in the spring. So we have a few weeks of wind to work thru before those nice high 70/low 80 days appear!
Well, got in another 25 mile week again, assuming I do 5 outside tomorrow. On two of those days I did hill short hill intervals, and the other, 2 long slowly increasing climbing for 8 minutes each. That is a poor mans beginning of the strength phase. Front of my ankle is sore this week, and the knee is pretty good. This is just a carnival ride of irritations....

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