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Sunday, March 28, 2010

60 Is The New Not Dead!

My friends Ernie and Frank turn 59 soon, and begin the push to 60. I want us to find a nice event to be able to run when we are all 60. Of course, I don't turn 60 until later in 2011, but we can find something I am sure that we can all get to and train for. Nothing dramatic. No death marches. Anyway, I thought we should comprise a team called the Flying Turtles with our motto being "60 is the new not dead"! Have to look into finding a shirt maker before then.
After running 5 miles in the flying dirt storm yesterday, today was my day off. No wind and a beautiful 73 degrees. Figures. Still struggling to get my right leg to follow a coordinated running flight path that is somewhat normal. This week the front of my ankle is bugging me, and the knee is a good bit less troublesome. I tried doing eight 30 stride pickups yesterday to see if I could stretch out whatever muscles, tendons, and ligaments are impinging my flight path. Didn't work particularly well. Also couldn't keep my heart rate in any kind of easy range in the wind. Will try it again next week along with more hill work on the treadmill. Am running about 5 hours a week total, which is all I really want too for all of this year. Just want to reorganize it to incorporate a longer day each week, and some strength and speed work later in the year. Am running a minute a mile slower than pre crash, and hope I get some of that back soon. My morning heart rate has returned to the 50 to 52 bpm range. That tells me I am starting to get into the beginnings of shape, but my pace at 132-136 bpm has not improved much in the past 4 weeks. Hopefully it will over the next 8 weeks. This is by far the hardest comeback from any of the back surgeries or foot surgeries. Probably has a lot to do with age. Sure wouldn't want to be making a comeback from anything much later than this.....

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