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Monday, March 15, 2010

Lobos, Aggies, and Miners!

Folks in this area are all abuzz about their basketball. The University of New Mexico Lobos (Albuquerque), The New Mexico State University Aggies (Las Cruces), and the University of Texas El Paso Miners (UTEP) are all going to the NCAA Basketball tournament. Now UTEP and NMSU are probably going to get bounced in round one. On the other hand, the Lobos might get to the sweet 16! UTEP is most famous for their cross country. They go to Kenya every year and bring in a team. NMSU and U of NM are really not particularly good at any sports. Being a transplant, I can't get too excited about any of them, but then, I can't get too excited about any Ohio basketball teams except, of course, the Cleveland Cavaliers. Now the Browns and Indians look like they are really going backwards at a very high rate of speed. Jake Delhomme at quarterback? REALLY? If the Cavs don't win it all this year, I fear that Lebron may head to the Nicks, and I will die long before a Cleveland Team wins some championship. So, I guess I will root for the locals, enjoy march madness, and hold my breath on those Cavs....

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TerribleTerry said...

When I was running in College Lubbock Christian and Blinn Junior College had many olympians on their teams. At one time they had 4 world champions. Blinn got in trouble for violations, Lubbock ran out of money and dropped cross-country for a bit. All of the Kenyans split up and went to any Texas College they could. A few of the best went to UTEP and created a pipeline from back home that just keeps renewing every year. If you can't run 24:30 for 8k you have to walk on. Crazy FAST!