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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Chemo Blows!

Well, Billybob has had a few good days now, and should be o.k. until he starts chemo 3 on June 1st. I expect this to be the hardest one. He knows what's coming, and it is not the last one, which, once you are dosed, you can feel like it is gonna be over. It is that nebulous place between miles 21 and 24 in a marathon where you feel you might die, but not close enough to know that it is gonna end soon. I ran 5 miles last night due to the high heat and humidity here. calf and back held up, but was sore this morning from the pavement. Can't wait to get back to Deming and dirt and treadmills. Only possible way to keep this running doable. Here is a great picture of Billy expressing his excitement about the next chemo cycle....

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