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Monday, May 24, 2010

Limping Tour Of Philly!

Did a nice four hour limping tour of the center city area of philly today. weather was iffy, so I took a jacket that I carried around for four hours. Never did get sunny, but never rained either. Found City sports, the Philadelphia running center, a nice four story barnes and knobles, lots of places for coffee and snacks. I found two nice t-shirts from city sports that advertise city sports. I had been looking for 2 cheap t-shirts, and the cheapest ones I found at the baseball game were 49 bucks. these two t-shirts were 9 bucks each. Also bought compression calf supports. Works like those leg sleeves with pumps you wear in the hospital to keep your circulation working. They are scientifically proven to increase circulation to you heart and lungs when running. Maybe all those old white guys in Florida with the socks that go to their knees and their pants under their armpits know something after all! Back to Jersey this evening. Billy is pretty exhausted from trying to work all day. I think today was a good learning experience that he is really done with this stuff......I sure hope so for his sake!

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