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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Restart Again!

Yah, here we go for the 100th time,
hand grenade pins in every line,
Throw em' up and let somethin' shine,
Goin out of my f*#k@n' mind!

Well, i am here in jersey with my friend billy trying to pull him thru 2 cycles of chemo. In the mean time, i am also struggling with having bulged a disk in my back 4 days before heading out. Took a week off from running and then tried to start back for the thousandth time to run again. Can't run far, and have a hard time on the roads around here. My back, knee, and ankle all hate the pavement. plus, as an added bonus, all of the injuries are on the right side so I'm sure my lopsided gait is exacerbating my mechanical issues. Found a trail at camden college featured in mountain bike online to run on monday. it was sandy, rooted, but emptied into a large county park with soccer and baseball fields where i could run on smooth grass, asphalt trails, and some dirt. a mixed media of surfaces. Today i will run the street loops again around Billy's gal Kwons house and take the beating. Plan to be home to my dirt trails and the treadmill at the gym on june 8th. Can't wait to get back to my honey and those other soft surfaces! Found out we may have a new household member when i get is her picture.

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