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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Cooter Scooter Research!

Another 26 mile week very similar to the last few. A 5 and 8 mile easy run, a 6 miler with 8 bye 1/4 mile repeats (after 3 weeks, they are getting slightly faster and the last few are as fast as the first few), and a 7 miler with 2 miles at 10K pace. I will stick with this for the next two weeks up to my 5K on the 18th. That is probably my last race until the 5K that is with the El Paso marathon in March. Along with this I keep doing my 3 gym sessions weekly with 20 minutes of exercycle and weights each time.
I have been researching my Cooter Scooter a lot over the last month. The best ones in the world are being made in Taiwan. I am looking at 250cc to 400cc engine size. The larger ones are more useful on the freeway, and the others will hit 75-80mph for emergencies or when I would need to get to Las Cruces or El Paso for servicing. I was talking to my old buddy tony the other day and he found this cooter scooter for me that he thought was more my speed. Bastard.....

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