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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Death Of Empathy!

"That's the way the world is, get just what you can,
Wake up again tomorrow, little less a man"
(Thanks Joe)

Maybe it is just what is reported on TV. It seems we have lost all empathy and compassion for our fellow man. What happened to our core religious beliefs? I tend to have a very narrow view of human behavior, and in this case, I think that those who don't have empathy are either narcissists or sociopaths. Somehow, we don't want to pay for the health care of those that gave of themselves to rush into those towers and hunt for survivors. We don't want to provide health care or education for our returning soldiers. Fuck our unemployed. Lets make sure we give banks free money with QE2 bailouts, but make sure the elderly get no interest on their savings and no raise in their benefits. And lets try and dismantle any and all social welfare or educational programs for the poor. And the Dream Act; God knows they can serve us in war, and provide slave labor, but try not to give them any chance to share in the so called American dream. America has become "I got mine, so fuck you!"

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