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Friday, February 4, 2011

Having Survived The Storm Of The Century!

The picture above is the giant storm at it's apex. Today I got the hot water running, the sink outside on the deck running, and the two outdoor faucets. It seems that me and my neighbor Joe have gotten thru this with no burst pipes. Thank God. That can be an expensive mess. Folks in northern NM are not as lucky. Almost 40 thousand homes, businesses, and schools were without natural gas for the last two days in Santa Fe and the suburbs east of Albuquerque, and it looks like it may be a few more before they get it. It has to do with shortages in Western Texas where their gas is piped in from. Bet there are lots of burst pipes there. The low there on Thursday night hit minus 35 degrees.....and that was before wind chill! Damn!
I bundled up and ran 7 Fartlek miles today in the 40 degree weather. It was sure nice to get off those treadmills. Treadmills were invented in 1817 in England and used to get prisoners to grind corn by walking for hours at a time. I always feel that while I am on one, there should be some productive power generation that should occur....that my running should power a battery that should power the treadmill. Just a thought.
Tomorrow I head to El Paso to pick up my boy billybob. He will be here for 11 days. The weather for his visit all looks to be sunny and 60's, so that should make his visit more fun. Probably will end up eating and drinking more, and running less, and probably putting on a few pounds. But then, I should have 5 months to try and get ready for those NM senior games.....

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