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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Storm Of The Century!

As the 2100 mile long storm of the century comes thru, it is expected to effect over one hundred million Americans. Pretty good storm! Since it was supposed to hit here this evening, I ran an hour early today in the 40 degree winds. Not pleasant. Tomorrow is supposed to be 24 degrees with snow, and slightly warmer on Thursday before exiting our neck of the woods. It is supposed to blast everyone thru Friday all over the country. After a calm weekend, Another front will start next Monday. My friend Billy, cleared to fly as much as he wants by his doctors, will arrive here on Saturday for an eleven day stay. It is supposed to be 60 here that day! I have started my three day cleaning spree in preparation. Tomorrow I will hit the gym (by car, not cooter!), and then clean some more. Thursday I may wuss out and hit the treadmill at the gym vs running in 30 degree weather. Shall see. That's the good news. My boy Terrible found out that his mom Dawnie has had her cancer spread to her brain. It is about a half inch in size. They will do Gamma Ray surgery to remove it next Monday. He leaves Friday to head to Geneva for four days. Hope the weather cooperates with him and the surgery goes flawlessly. He is having a very rough period in his life. Brings back memories of my own first marriage failure around the time my dad was suffering away. Shit usually comes at you in clumps. Anyway, keep them in your thoughts......

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