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Friday, May 6, 2011

They Could Be Looking For A Few Good (Old) Men!

I am always looking at different fitness tests that correspond to ages. I came across these standards for the Air Force. Now, for the strength testing, I just jumped on the floor and made sure I could just get past the minimum. Did 17 pushups and 31 situps in a minute without really trying very hard. The qualifier for age 60+ is 14 and 22 ( Now for the aerobic test, well, that I had to put some effort into ( It was warm today, so I waited until a little after 7 pm, warmed up with an easy 2 miles, did the test, and warmed down for another mile and a half. I covered the 1.5 miles in 12:52:56 (8:35 pace). That put me pretty far up the test, but not quite where I would like to get. I didn't run "balls to the wall", but I sure couldn't see myself being able to cover it a minute and a half faster! I also converted where I would have gotten in 12 minutes (for that other test), and that would be 1.397 miles, farther than the 1.37 I had to hit for the excellent category (whew.....barely). Ernie can check my math for me. So, with all the wars everywhere, it is good to know that I am ready to serve when they bring the draft back for everyone still alive!!

1 comment:

TerribleTerry said...

Nah, we'd probably harvest you for organs and all that metal in your spine before we'd have you run at a machine gun nest.