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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Crash Bandicoot Anniversary!

This post is a short mix of junk that is just running around in my head today. Tomorrow is the 2 year anniversary of the "truck meets tom" crash. All in all, except for some slight instability on the inside of the knee (no skiing or skateboarding for tom!) and a small loss of range of motion, the knee is fully recovered. I was thinking about that while I was doing heavy leg presses on that damn sled in the gym today. No more pain under the kneecap! I had a good 9 miler last night, and now I have to figure out a racing and training schedule for 60 plus. The first race I have found so far is December 4th. That will be the 5K attached to the las cruces half marathon. So, unless I lie about my age and run a race on November 13th, that will be number one. So, I need to figure out a good 6 week higher mileage base, and then start the tempo and interval structure. In the October issue of runners world, frank shorter finally laid out the abuse he received from his father as a child, and the sexual abuse his sisters absorbed. Horrible story, and I am glad he finally opened up about it. I am also glad that he is rambling along at a 10 minute per mile pace these days.....doesn't make me feel so damn slow. His story of course makes me think of my boy terrible. I was watching the women's 20K walking race from daegu south korea yesterday. I have been watching two shows a day from the world track and field championships and loving it. Anyway, these women went thru 10K at 46:16, and then started walking faster. The last time I could go thru a 10K faster than that was at age 52. Damn! September will find deb in Hawaii and me and sister suzi getting a few tasks done like a portable oxygen concentrator and a new adjustable bed. Need to call BillyBob today and see if the gang of 8 doctors have decided what to do with him. Also need to call Little "E" and see how his parallel trip to Charlotte went while I was in Philly! And finally, after reading my boy's blog the other day, the word TEMPERANCE comes to mind. No, not a girl, he has absolutely no trouble in that regard. He is unfortunately too good at that as I saw first hand in Philly....No, I mean trying to return to running with a degree of moderation and a good, long, slow buildup of mileage for three months or so! I feel like this is the last thing I can teach him now, and from past experience, it will be the hardest!

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