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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Repeatable Intervals!

One of the changes I want to try to make for my last couple years of training as a senior grand master (60+) is to focus more on repeatable workouts. I need to do this to be able to see (if i I AM getting fitter) a consistent level of improvement. Doesn't need to be large, just hopefully steady. From reading matt fitzgeralds "running by feel", 8 repeat workouts over a 12 week period is about the maximum recommended. That just happens to be where I am now for the 5K scheduled for December 4th. Since I am focused more for the 5K now than the 10K that I was for the senior games, Running long intervals and tempo runs are not nearly as important as shorter intervals. Similarly, there is no need at this point to exceed 8 or 9 miles for my long run. Therefore, one of the two interval formats I want to complete at least 8 times over the next twelve weeks are 5 bye 1 kilometer at as close to hoped for race pace as possible, with recovery intervals of around 2/10ths of a mile. I did my first workout yesterday using quarter mile recovery intervals, and did them hard but not full out (need to give myself the chance to have some room for improvement from the first one). The last interval was by far too hard, as I don't have the strength I need yet. I am sore today even though I followed my boys advice and wore compression sox from when I got out of the shower until I went to bed. I ordered CW-X 3/4 length stabilyx compression tights and will use them after the next one. The pace was about 25 seconds per repeat slower than hoped for 5K pace. Now it was windy and hot, so I expect I will also get some improvement as the fall progresses. The other workout I want to do is 8 bye 2/10's of a mile at approximately 3000 meter/2 mile pace with longer recoveries for pure speed development. I did this on tuesday, and struggled mightily. I ended up doing 4 bye 2/10ths and then 4 bye 3/10th, but my speeds were way way off. So, this workout may prove harder than the other. Besides this, I will cap my long runs at 8 or 9 miles, but try and do them as progression runs where I finish the last 15 minutes or so at between 15k and 10k speed. I will also throw in a couple threshold runs. In order to do this well, I will need to change my training cycle from weekly to 10 days. That should allow me to get the important three workouts in with enough adequate rest necessary for a near dead man. So this is my plan, and I will adjust it with an easy week every 30 days or so, as well as is necessary due to weather, illness, fatigue, etc. I will let you know how it goes! Every new attempt is a new experiment!

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