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Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Roof Coating Is Done!!

Today I completed the last of the roof coating job. I ended up with enough coating to put a third coat on the two bedrooms. The weather was a perfect 83 and overcast, so it was a lot more pleasant than it was when I started in June.
Had a good 9 miler on Tuesday, and an excellent 7 miler with 5 bye 1K at just 10 seconds over the goal 5K pace I hope to hit in December. Will try and get in a pair of 6 milers over the next two days for a weekly total of 37 miles, the highest mileage I have hit in a week in over three years. Next week will need to be a recovery week, as I will have pushed out 4 hard weeks in a row, one more than I probably should have without a recovery week.
My friend Billybob found out that the trial where he gets injected with the flu virus to carry the cancer killing t-cells still won't work for him as he still has too many antibodies resistant to that flu strain. Therefore, he will need another round of chemo. His chemo doctor gets back from vacation at the beginning of October, just when my lovely bride gets back from the islands. So, if he is gonna get a full 4 cycle chemo treatment in October and/or November, I will probably head back to Philly again to try and cook and care for him. We shall see.....

1 comment:

TerribleTerry said...

Tell Billy I'm available to help him eat your cooking and help him talk to the dragons and monks.