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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Running Man Has A Scooter Ride!

Ran into Chris on one of his last days at the dueches gym. He and AD will be moving to Cruces to an apartment next week. I will miss those guys. Anyway, Chris put running man on the treadmill next to me. We ran, lifted weights, and then had a nice scooter ride home. He enjoyed it.
Yesterday I ran 7 miles with 4 bye 3/4 mile intervals at 10K pace with quarter mile recoveries. Finally had the one mile stretch of trail along country club road clear, so I got off the pavement. Damn crash knee is sore still, and the last two times at the gym I focused on one legged leg presses with about 100 lbs. Need to make it bullet proof if I'm gonna keep punishing it. May do another 5K on january 17th. Need to keep doing some racing to keep focused. Weather over the next 4 days is scheduled to be low 60's and bright sun, so maybe the weather will cooperate for a while!

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