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Friday, February 3, 2012

Conservatives ARE Stupid!!

Conservative, prejudiced adults are linked to low IQ scores! This was published in the Journal of Psychological Science based on research done by Gordon Hodson at Brock. The study was done in Britain over a 30 year period. "socially conservative ideologies tend to offer structure and order, but again at the expense of an open mind and the ability to explore and accept new information". You know, I have always known this in my heart of hearts. The only intelligent conservatives that I have met really don't drink the coolaid, they just spew it for the power and money. So now when I say these right wing T-Baggers and religious wing nuts and racist dueschebags are all really STUPID, I have science to back me up. But of course, they don't believe in science, just that old truthiness (sounds like the truth!) and them bible stories, so, they are not gonna actually THINK about stuff....
Still not able to run as yet. Will hit the gym and spin another day tomorrow.....

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